Private Equity Funds – Neither Job Creators nor Vultures, Just Profit Makers

Feb 15

HUFFINGTON POST, Feb 14, 2012. Even though private equity funds have been around since the early twentieth century and today manage over one trillion dollars’ worth of capital worldwide, most people may not have paid attention to them until Mitt Romney chose to make his experience at Bain Capital an issue for his bid to be the next President of the United...

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How Islamic is “Islamic”?

Jun 21

PUBLISHED IN ALTMUSLIM AND THE AMERICAN MUSLIM How Islamic is “Islamic”? BY PARVEZ AHMED, JUNE 19, 2011 A Malaysian political leader has asked political parties in his country to stop using the word “Islam” in their names so that, “nobody can make use of the religion for their political gains.” This progressive thought is ironically closer to the...

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