Smears are like McCarthyism

May 12

The Florida Times-Union May 10, 2007The Council on American-Islamic Relations has a long history of positive social and political activism.Our educational initiatives have opened doors to dialogue and mutual understanding with Americans of all faiths. Yet a recent letter to the editor was published with a provocative but blatantly false headline, “CAIR supports...

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Is racial profiling OK at airports?

May 08

By PHILLIP MILANO The Times-UnionQuestion: Is it so wrong to racially profile people who are flying?Lisa, white, Custar, OhioRepliesI would be nervous if I saw a couple of Middle-Eastern people get on my plane. I think we [whites] should be aware of how the profiling makes others feel, but those who fit the profile should also understand that at the moment it might...

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Islam has no ties to terrorism

May 07 on Sat, May. 05, 2007Five years into President Bush’s declaration of the ”global war on terrorism,” the latest State Department report shows a 25 percent increase in worldwide terrorist attacks over the previous year. Terrorism is an abominable tactics, not an ideology. Thus declaring...

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Change needed

May 07,0,4743185.story April 29, 2007 I recently accepted an invitation to speak at the Doha Forum on Democracy, Development and Free Trade in Qatar. At the opening ceremony, speaking to delegates from 80 different countries, the ruler of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, gave an introspective...

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