Trump’s Speech on Afghanistan and Pakistan Signals Unending War

Aug 30

Patheos – Alt-Muslim, August 30, 2017 American elites talk a lot about peace. But what they really love are wars. The media elites covering President Trump’s recent speech on Afghanistan were praiseworthy of Trump’s sober tone even though, in reality, the speech heralded open-ended war. No troop levels were announced. No timeline was provided. No one...

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Urgency and Creativity Needed in Response to Pakistan Flood

Sep 15

In Huffington Post. The numbers are sobering. Nearly 1 in 8 Pakistanis are homeless as a result of an epic flood. Besides the staggering human cost of the tragedy the geo-political importance of Pakistan to US security interests cannot be overemphasized. With over 100,000 U.S. troops stationed in nearby Afghanistan and American drones routinely dropping bombs on...

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