From Fear to Faith, From Grief to Understanding

Sep 25

From Fear to Faith, From Grief to Understanding September 11, 2011 Delivered at Temple Israel, Tallahassee, FL on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of 9-11. Event hosted by the Interfaith Council of Tallahassee, FL. By Parvez Ahmed Good evening. Shalom, Peace and Salaam- It is my great honor and pleasure to be here today. Today is a day whose memories are seared...

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Muslims in America at the 10th Anniversary of 9-11

Aug 31

This article was written for the Common Ground News Service (CGNews). Published in Khaleej Times, September 1, 2011. Last year, during a raging controversy over the building of an Islamic center in Lower Manhattan, Time Magazine ran a cover story titled, “Is America Islamophobic?” Shortly thereafter, a poll released by Time showed nearly six in ten...

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How Islamic is “Islamic”?

Jun 21

PUBLISHED IN ALTMUSLIM AND THE AMERICAN MUSLIM How Islamic is “Islamic”? BY PARVEZ AHMED, JUNE 19, 2011 A Malaysian political leader has asked political parties in his country to stop using the word “Islam” in their names so that, “nobody can make use of the religion for their political gains.” This progressive thought is ironically closer to the...

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A City of Hope

May 19

Our city of Jacksonville has made history by electing Alvin Brown to be our next Mayor. This should fill us up with civic pride and energize us. Jacksonville is our home and we love living here. All of us deserve a Mayor who can lead us to greater economic prosperity and social cohesion. The city must now unite behind Alvin Brown’s leadership and help him achieve...

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Memo to Osama bin Laden, now dead

May 08

Published in Turkey’s Today’s Zaman, May 3, 2011. Also on Huffington Post. An edited version appears in the Florida Times Union. MEMO TO OSAMA BIN LADEN, NOW DEAD Parvez Ahmed Although rejoicing death is not part of the religious traditions of Muslims, Christians or Jews, I cannot help but feel a sense of joyful relief now that you are no longer capable...

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