Useful Links

These websites provide additional learning resources about Islam and Muslims, spanning a variety of thought, ideas and viewpoints. 

AltMuslim - An introspective voice that helps promote a critical (and self-critical) analysis of issues regarding the Muslim world.
IslamiCity – Provides a non-sectarian, comprehensive and holistic view of Islam and Muslims to a global audience.
Philosophia Islamica – A website dedicated to the study of the philosophical output of the Muslim World.
Legacy of a Prophet: PBS - A website that provides additional resource material about the PBS documentary “Muhammad – Legacy of a Prophet.”
Muslim Heritage – A website dedicated to exploring the contribution of Muslim heritage to modern civilization.
Islam: Empire of Faith – A PBS Documentary on the contributions of Muslims to world civilization.”This extraordinary production design, set in epic landscapes, gives the film a startling sense of scope and provides a remarkable window through which to examine the past.” Robert Gardner, Producer. Click links below for full-length video.
Part 1 – Birth of Islam
Part 2 - Birth of Islamic Sciences
Part 3 – Impact of the Ottomans
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The views expressed on the websites above are not necessarily my own. I make no representation about their content. When visiting external links you must verify their authenticity and fully understand its terms and conditions.