"Mosque" ado about nothing

Jul 28

Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 27 July 2010, www.commongroundnews.orgCopyright permission is granted for publication. Published in: Khaleej Times (UAE), July 29, 2010. Published in: Kuwait Times, Aug 4, 2010. Jacksonville, Florida – The proposal for a Muslim community centre called the Cordoba House, two blocks from where the World Trade Centre...

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A Mosque Near Ground Zero

Jul 20

by Parvez AhmedAlso In Huffington Post. A proposed mosque, two blocks from where the World Trade Center twin-towers stood, have unleashed emotions, which the New York Times described as, “vitriolic commentary, pitting Muslims against Christians, Tea Partiers against staunch liberals, and Sept. 11 families against one another.” What began as a well...

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Thank those who serve our country

Jul 10

AltMuslim.com July 9, 2010It is possible to be a good American and a good Muslim. More of one does not mean less of the other. Weaving American patriotic traditions into Muslim events will make this point loud and clear. BY PARVEZ AHMED, JULY 9, 2010 Over the July 4th weekend I was one of the speakers at the 47th Annual Convention of the Islamic Society of North...

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