India burns while Trump hugs its president

Mar 28

Guest column: Trump hugs president of India as the nation burns with sectarian violence. Florida Times Union, Mar 8, 2020 An American president visits a foreign capital. During the visit, violence breaks out in the capital city. People die. The White House utters barely a word of concern. This is the new normal in American foreign policy. President Donald Trump has...

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Trump’s Racist Tweets Undermines Historical Progress

Jul 23

A shortened version of this article appeared in the Florida Times Union, July 23, 2019 President Trump’s contention that members of the so called “The Squad”, who are all women of color, with three of them born in the US and the fourth a naturalized citizen, should go back to where they came from is nothing new in the history of America’s racist past. People...

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Repeal Evil with Good

Nov 04

Abbreviated version was published in the Florida Times Union, November 4, 2018 The terrorist attacks in Pittsburgh, which witnessed an anti-Semite mercilessly gunning down 11 Jewish worshippers at the Tree of Life Synagogue has brought renewed anxiety not only to Jews but all minority faith communities. The Muslim community, which like the Jewish community, has been...

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It’s Time to Boycott Saudi Arabia

Oct 16

Patheos altMuslm, October 15, 2018 For Muslims, Makkah, where the Ka’ba is located, is the epicenter of their faith and Madinah, home of the Prophet’s mosque, their sanctuary for spiritual bliss. These two cities happen to be in Saudi Arabia, which is once again in the news for the most chilling of reasons, presenting Muslims with a difficult decision to...

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Do We Still Need the Second Amendment?

Mar 27

Folio Weekly, March 21, 2018 Americans rarely, if ever, agree on anything. But a recent Quinnipiac survey showed that 97 percent support universal background checks for gun ownership. And yet the U.S. Congress remains paralyzed by inaction. The same Quinnipiac survey showed that nearly 7 in 10 Americans want a nationwide ban on assault weapons, including 43...

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