Role of Women

Sep 26

Question – What about the place of women? Where do they pray and learn? Are women held to the same standards as men?

Women can pray or learn in public or private. She can attend worship services at the mosque. She can attend school or universities. She can pursue whatever profession she chooses. She has the right to choose in marriage and initiate divorce. She can inherit property and conduct her independent business.

All the rituals of worship apply equally to men and women. Like men, women are also commanded to pray, fast, give charity, and go to pilgrimage (hajj).

All these rights are guaranteed in the teachings of Islam. Cultural practices in some places have eroded these Islamic rights. Some cultures are excessively patriarchal and push women away from the public square. Many Muslim women are fighting back using sacred texts of Islam as a way of advocating for greater rights.

Here is an interesting article written by a Muslim women about gender equality in Islam and addressing hot button issues such as polygamy, genital mutilation etc.:

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