Religious Right and Politics – From Iowa to Cairo

Jan 30

ALTMUSLIM and HUFFINGTON POST Guess where in the world candidates for political office are pandering to religious conservatives, using religious imagery in political advertisement and participating in political forums in houses of worship? Where some voters are unwilling to support candidates because they do not belong to the majority faith, dismissing a candidate...

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A Sputnik Moment for U.S. Foreign Policy

Feb 02

NY Times Photo Gallery on Egypt Protest Huffington Post, Feb 1, 2011 Florida Times Union, Feb 2, 2011 A Sputnik Moment for U.S. Foreign Policy The Jasmine Revolution has led to the ouster of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the autocratic leader of Tunisia and has sparked similar revolutionary fervor from Algeria to Egypt. The success in Tunisia has emboldened protestors...

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