What is Shariah?

Oct 31

Question – What is Shariah? Shariah is an Arabic word meaning “a road to the watering place.” In a religious context, it means “the righteous path.” Shariah consists of broad principles, which are derived from the Quran and the traditions (teachings, sayings, actions, approvals andĀ disapproval) of Muhammad during the 23 years of his...

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Editorial in Florida Times Union

Apr 25

April 25, 2011 There is nothing especially unusual about awards or appreciating the good works of outstanding individuals. But it is unique to have the sponsoring organization celebrating the audience. That is what happened last Tuesday night during “An Evening of Gratitude” by the Muslim community. The sentiments were so touching, the positive energy in...

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We are all Egyptians now

Feb 03

Today’s Zaman, Feb 3, 2011 We are all Egyptians now I am mesmerized by the peaceful popular uprisings calling for the end of three decades of dictatorial rule in Egypt. Often the news from the Muslim world is depressing. Not today. The impact of this is still unknown. But one thing is unmistakably clear: We are all Egyptians now. The young voices from Egypt...

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Burning the Quran is likely to provoke, not inspire us

Sep 15

In Huffington Post and the Florida Times Union Nearly two centuries ago, the Jewish poet Heinrich Heine wrote, “Those who begin by burning books will end by burning people.” Quran burning is a tool of provocation and intimidation. Despite admonitions from General David Petraeus, Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville vowed...

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What Would Our Founding Fathers Say About the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’?

Aug 26

What Would Our Founding Fathers Say About the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’? Parvez Ahmed In Huffington Post. Aug 23, 2010 In the debate over the Islamic center and mosque near Ground Zero in New York, two competing arguments have emerged. The supporters of the Islamic community center and mosque near Ground Zero (called the Park51 project) have argued that the...

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Guest column: What would founders do about New York mosque?

Aug 19

Guest column: What would founders do about New York mosque?Parvez Ahmed Florida Times Union, Aug 18, 2010. The supporters of the mosque near Ground Zero, called the Park51 project, have argued that First Amendment gives American Muslims the right to build a house of worship wherever they wish so long as the project complies with local ordinances. Some proponents also...

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